MARGARET WACK is a poet, writer, and classicist whose work has appeared in Strange Horizons, ArionLiminality, and more. She has a BA in Classics, Comparative Literature, and Poetry from Smith College, and is currently pursuing an MA in Liberal Arts at St. John’s College.


Seeds,” Strange Horizons, 2017


Enthusiasts of Ruin,” Liminality, 2017
Cobalt,” Liminality, 2017
“Statue,” Arion, 2017
“Shapeshifter,” Arion, 2017
Absence,” Liminality, 2017
I Listen to You Like Rain,” Twisted Moon Magazine, 2017
Letter to an Amateur Anthropologist,” Santa Fe Reporter Poetry Contest, Staff Pick, 2017
The Body Problem,” Strange Horizons, 2017
Mother Demons,” What Fresh Witch Is This, 2017
The Saint of Small Things, Weeping,” Mithila Review, 2017
Interior of a House in the Yoshiwara,” Ekphrastic Review, 2017
No Provenance,” Literary Orphans, 2016
Animals in the Kingdom,” Twisted Moon Magazine, 2016
Classification of Folktales,” Strange Horizons, 2016
Conditional Statements,” Liminality, 2016
Romeo and Juliet Approach Middle Age,” Noble / Gas Qtrly, 2016
Women Against Corporeal Existence,” Devilfish Review, 2016
8 Ways Any Girl Can Become More Attractive, According to Science,” Liminality, 2016
Conflagration,” Silver Blade, 2016
Progress,” Mandala Journal, 2016
The Art of the Blood Sacrifice,” Liminality, 2016
Freedom of Speech Along the Walls of Troy,” Eternal Haunted Summer, 2016
Apotropaic Magic,” Strange Horizons, 2016
Spring Dwindle,” Eclectica, 2015
Men Like Giants,” Haggard & Halloo, 2010
We Are All Starving Here,” ditch, 2010
Impregnable,” ditch, 2010
“Inheritance,” The Plebian Rag, 2010


Rhysling Award nominee, 2017
Alice Hubbard Derby Prize for Excellence in Translation of Greek at Sight, Smith College, 2015
Norma M. Leas Memorial Prize for Excellence in Written English, Smith College, 2015